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Looking for Metal Stress/buckling/tearing sounds.

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Am looking for some sound samples of metal being put under stress. You know, that groaning/tearing sound that you hear on those action/disaster movies just before a lift fails or a tunnel collapses or something. Groaning/shearing/tearing/buckling metal is the sort of thing I am after.

Some good example sounds here:

PM me or post here if you have any good ideas in this regard.

Thanks guys. :)

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WWII submarine/u-boat movies are loaded with them, if you're not afraid of stealing ;-P

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MSPaintR0cks said:

You could download a program like No23Recorder and just record the sounds from the video. =)

I downloaded this program, and it is pretty neat. THough I have 2 problems with it. The first is that it is all in German. Which is ok, even though Ich Spreche nur ein bisschen Deutch, it wasn't that hard to get the context of what everything means. For example, Zielverzeichnis, turned out to be something like "Destination folder where you want your youtube rips to be saved.

The main problem I had was I haven't been able yet to figure out how you just rip a sound that is playing straight off your soundcard. Most of the options seem to be capturing stuff from external sources (CD, line in, microphone etc etc), but not much doing for direct captures. I am sure it is pretty simple once I get it.

Any pointers would be much appreciated. Thanks for the earlier advice btw. :)

Vorpal said:

WWII submarine/u-boat movies are loaded with them, if you're not afraid of stealing ;-P

Thanks Vorpal. Again I hadn't even thought of this. I did find a bunch of really good sounds online, but I was expected to pay for them, and I was a bit like "I am not paying for a 3 second sound byte. Get off my screen already.

Doom3 has some great stressed metal sounds, the original Half-Life had some that I remember as well(*specifically that lift that collapses out from under you,), I am sure there are plenty of movies with sounds like these in them. It is more a case of How do I get them from there into something like a 5 second .ogg which is something actually useful.

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Usually in audio editing programs there will be an option for recording "Line Out" or "Stereo Mix" or some such, that is your speaker output.

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