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Is there any chance we can raise the max attachment size?

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I wonder what the limit is. I have a 58 minute zdoom demo that's only 147kb, weird.

To me, the best-looking free file hosting site was http://wuala.com (check out this list). 1GB space, direct linking/hotlinking, no expiration date, no bandwidth limit, BUT the only way you can upload is with a program you have to download from their site (it uses java). I dunno, maybe I'm just dumb, but it didn't look harmful.

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The limit is 200 KB, as noted here. The limit was raised from 100 to 200 in late '08, back when Grazza suggested removing the approval system.

Maybe Heretic ZDoom demos are bigger because of the inventory or other stuff. ZDoom demos are already compressed by default, which makes their zipping a (still helpful) formality. My one hour and fifteen minute longtics travail through Pendragon Map01 and its text file add up to 771 KB unzipped and only 150 KB when zipped normally. (Longtics is 25% bigger than shorttics: 640 instead of 512 KB per hour for single player, unzipped.)

There's a thread about this topic in the mods forum. I'll mention this request there, just in case.

For now, you could split such a demo in two using 7-Zip* and attach it in two posts, if you want. Although I couldn't get PKUNZIP to unzip such a file. Most modern apps should manage, though.

* It has an option that says "Split to volumes, bytes". A size of 120000 would split yours more or less evenly.

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DRDfiles worked great for a few days for me, but at some point it started doing nothing I click on "Upload!" - at first randomly, then now everytime (that is to say, it never works anymore). I just get a javascript:void(0); error message on the bottom left on my navigator.

I know, I know, I'm sure it's user error again but I don't really feel like looking for the solution for something as trivial as filehosting. When it works, I've found DRDfiles to be absolutely great though !

I've started using toofiles.com, it seems to upload/download faster than any other service for me, it's easy to use and doesn't seem to have any ads (though I run with adblock and flashblock so I'm not sure).

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from link in 1st post:
'use the Demos post (in the doom speed demos forum) in the way you'd use a file hosting service'

speedyshare trumps that in terms of laziness though because you can simply upload an lmp without: 1) zipping it 2) including a text file

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Creaphis said:
It's a 45-minute ZDoom demo, and thus weighs in at 216K both zipped and unzipped,

Now I get it. It's that size because it includes play before the completed try, so it's really longer than 45 minutes.

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gggmork said:
speedyshare trumps that in terms of laziness though because you can simply upload an lmp without: 1) zipping it 2) including a text file

Yet it sucks because the file's time stamp refers to when it was downloaded instead of when it was recorded, and the demo is gone from the thread after some time. Zipping takes but a simple right-click with any decent ZIP app, in any case.

That's one thing I dislike about the Challenge TV Quake and Quakeworld section. Newer Quakeworld clients use a compression method which makes it "supposedly unnecessary" to ZIP demos. Then, you download a match someone uploaded, possibly anonymously and a good time after it was played, and often it's extremely hard to tell when the match was played because the original date is nowhere to be found. Eight years ago, five years ago? Who knows!

Besides, when you use the attach function here, you add the demo directly when you post, as opposed to also having to open the speedyshare site and then copy-paste the URL here.

With attachments, in addition to immediately downloading through a direct click, which will otherwise but open the file host page, you can right-click on the attachment and use save as or the equivalent. On the other hand, these file hosting sites (speedyshare included) often have URLs that can confuse the browser into thinking they are direct file links, because they end with the extension of the file to be downloaded, and can make you download their page instead of the file.

It just happened to me with your HR2 demo. Doom2 wasn't playing it and I thought, "hey, is this a Boom demo or something?" It turns out it was an HTML file Doom2 was trying to play :p

Considering all the above, these sites aren't even an advantage in respect to being lazy.

PS: By the way, while a text file is certainly encouraged and recommended, your attachments here won't get rejected, deleted or anything like that if they don't have a text file. If you really don't want to include a text file, and are going to include all the relevant information in a long file name, just zip and attach.

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