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Looking for an old wad

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I realize this is one hell of a long shot, but crazier things have happened. A long-ass fucking time ago, I had AOL, which had some kind of software uploader thing. I made a pretty bad Doom 2 map called imp_maul.wad, and uploaded it to said AOL software uploader. As the name suggests, it had lots of imps.

Anyone have it?

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I have:




All from various times/dates prior to 1994.

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Coming from the guy that was 8 years old when Doom originally came out...


Deeforce said:

"I made a pretty bad Doom 2 map[...]"

----> "Anyone have it?"

We don't keep bad wads :-P!

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Well, to clarify, bad by today's standards. Merely mediocre back then. I think it may have been '96, not sure.

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In addition to some of the above, I have imps2.wad and impzone2.wad on an ancient shovelware disc. Still no luck.

EDIT: Also, imps.wad, impskull.wad, impsrus.wad, impzone.wad and impssble.wad on another shovelware disc.

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Unfortunately, I don't think this WAD ever made it to any shovelware sets or archives.

On a somewhat related note, while searching my old backups, I came across some of my old maps, including what I think may have been my first complete map. The timestamp is June 6th, 1997.

The maps are noobish by any standard, but they have potential. I seemed to have had a better eye for intesting layouts back then, rather than going insane with detail and realism and then giving up when I had no tangible results. I have too many unfinished maps because of this, but lately I've been making good progress by letting my designs go more abstract and Doom-like. Who knows, I may actually release something in my lifetime.

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