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Some Random video game music questions

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I'm going to admit that I've never once played TLoZ: Ocarina of Time. I know I should play this, but bug off, because that's not what this is about. I saw my little brother playing this once and I heard a really cool little ambient tune that seems like it could really work well for a Doom level I'm working on. I'm not looking for an MP3 or anything, just the name of this tune. I figure someone has put a version on VGmix or OCremix. The tune just sounded like some chimes and tones, no distinct melody or anything, it had a very 'glowy' feel about it. I'm tempted to say I heard it inside the Deku(?) tree? If anyone knows what I'm talking about, that would be awesome. Better yet, if someone has made something that sounds similar, that would be even cooler.

Also, I'm looking for a fast paced Jazz-esque sounding track for a 'chase' level. Think of the music from metal slug, that's very close to what I'd like. Anyone know of any (preferably free) music that might fit these criteria? I'd like to avoid over used and well known tracks. Something similar to the first 2 levels of DV-II in terms of sound.

And lastly, I'm looking for a kind of dark-experimental, techno/trance-like sound. Think the Dust Brother's soundtrack to fight club. A track in this style would be awesome.

Needless to say, I'm doing some googling to find what I'm looking for, I already use FreeSound and AudioMicro. I've put this thread here more to see if any musicians on this board have any tracks I can use.

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