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Dehacked patch file - apply to wad?

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A Dehacked patch isn't applied to a wad. :)

To use a Dehacked patch with the original Doom exes, you had to use Dehacked.exe to actually create a patched version of the executable.

With modern source ports, you can load dehacked patches either using something like a -deh yourpatchname.deh command or just by dragging and dropping it onto the source port's icon, like you would to load a wad file.

Many modern source ports also support including a dehacked patch inside a wad file, to be automatically loaded with the wad. This can be easily done in SLumpEd or XWE by importing the patch as a new lump in your wad, and naming the lump "DEHACKED".

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Thanks iori, but now that I have done this, and I see it's right/ (I named the deh file dehacked and the things I customized were listed) How do I save them all as a wad now?

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When I try to make a new wad file (under file) in XWE I get the error "I/O error 32" what does that mean and how can I fix it?

Also sorry for double posting.

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