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previous /newstuff chronicles

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Speaking of which, is there some archived version of the forums for posterity? Even if in the form of a raw vb database?

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Planky said:


In the hope that I might be able to find more /newstuffs missing from myk's list, I wrote a short script to download all the news pages in sequence, and grepped the list. Was the /newstuff "counter" reset at some point? There seem to be two "/newstuff #50"s, for example.

EDIT: There seems to be a very odd numbering discrepancy between what appears in the "followupgen.php3" links and what appears in the "topstory.php" links; the "topstory" #50 linked above is here without a number. However, "topstory" newstuff #54 appears here as #52. Similarly, "topstory" newstuff #53 is #51 and so on ...

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