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First Wad

How good is my wad?  

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  1. 1. How good is my wad?

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Good: Chaotic start, the map's challenge level could be fine, the map stays surprising.
Bad: The fence in starting area bleeds to ground, one imp by red key is stuck to wall, the chaingunner behind blue door is stuck to the lamp, taking the wrong turn can be very lethal (the doors behind the manc in starting area, DO NOT OPEN!), too little ammo and health. Ammo especially is a big problem, I ran totally dry in the red key area and had to fist some imps to get the red key. That area is pretty bad in health too: Just one medikit despite that you're bound to get hit a lot when completely surrounded by monsters in a small arena.

This could be a good map, it's just badly balanced for the time being. Keep working on it!

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I agree with the 2 people above: its badly balance with too little health and ammo but if you rebalanced the thing placement and fix that fence in the starting area, this map can potentially be good.

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Okay, I gave it an other go and managed to finish it this time. So, yeah, it's possible, but requires a lot of knowing the map beforehand and a lot of pistol fighting to save shells. The blood room with the rocket launcher can be easily skipped, just run past everything. Instead, trying to fight your way out is pretty frustrating. The exit comes way too suddenly, and the plasma rifle is completely pointless. The megasphere/bfg area is pointless too since you have enough firepower to go there only once you've got yourself to the exit already, so the goodies are of no use.

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Here's my slow first demo attempt that isn't worth watching. Kinda fun map. I guess infighting the starting mancubus w/ block monster lines was awkward for me but its your map so whatever works for you. I think the mid texture cage bar thingies won't be shown below ground if one of the side sectors is slightly changed (ceiling lowered 1 pixel or darker light or something).

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Here's another FDA. I die multiple times and don't finish the map, the longest attempt ending at the blue key door.

What I feel is the issue with the map isn't health, ammo, texturing, but rather clarity. It was quite obscure and I had no idea what was I supposed to do. Stepping back on the teleporter you come from is counterintuitive, at least to me. Having only the pistol against tons of zombiemen, a mancubus and imps unless you pick the one good path out of three possible and kill a shotgun guy for his shotgun didn't help either. Damaging blood and large tree sprites in a fighting area with mancubus around are also two of my pet peeves.

Ammo seemed to be fine for the parts I've been in, as I was able to use the shotgun most of the time, and my aim is far from perfect. I think the map would be approximately 34 times more fun if you started with a shotgun right away. Health was OK too but with so many hitscanners and only corners to take cover it gets repetitive.

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Toned down the Manc room. The idea was that you wouldn't enter that room until you a more powerful weapon to take the Manc out with like the Rocket Launcher. Now you should only need the Chaingun and SSG (which are found earlier in the level).

Moved the exit; the first exit is now a teleporter back to the blood room where the new exit is (but you still need to go to that room to lower the new exit).

There are also a lot more imps in the blood room to make getting the BFG and Plasma Gun more worthwhile.

Removed the gate in the first room, moved the shotgun, and moved the teleporter, trying to make it less annoying.

More health and a box of shells in the blue key maze.

There may be other changes I forgot to mention, but they shouldn't be to significant.

Sorry about the lack of health and ammo; I only tested it on HMP and not UV.

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