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Some doom music made by me

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I`ve been composing songs for a while and now I want to make music for doom levels. I like what I hear so far. Only one song is finished, but I will most likely complete the other ones and create more songs if you guys like them. I would love to hear your critics.


My songs use a lot of slides and I found out that they sound strange on some computers.

This file consists of 5 midi song.
Song 1 is a fast metal song that could be fitting for a level with lots of enemys and action.
Song 2 is similiar to the first one, but it sounds more electronic.
Song 3 is a short dark sounding loop and the only song that is finished. I can imagine it being used for an intermission screen or a very short level.
Song 4 is a mysterious sounding ambient tune.
Song 5 is the most agressive one of all. It could be used for a boss fight.

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well for sure song 2
and maybe song 5 if I make a map 7
and it was hard to choses just a few to use as I really liked them all

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