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Looking for some stuff :)

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Maybe not the best forum to ask it on but i give it a chance.
Hop i don't violate any rule now..

I live in Europe and i am locking for a present to a friend of mine.
You see he has a Volvo 740 (Hehe) but in Europe the headlights and some other part was/are different that they are in the USA

Europe Headlight's

USA' Headlight's

I am also locking for this 'front addon' that you paint and bolt on to the front of the car. (blue ring's)

Any one that know where to get it or maybe have it for sale? and is willing to ship it to Sweden?


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There are plenty of websites that can help you with this. Some communities are dedicated to this very car. This may not be one of those communities.

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I've always liked volvo 740s especially the GLT, but you should try a proper Volvo forum, it's definitly the place to look.
I am part of a Ford Fiesta Mk1 forum and if I ever need a part there is almost always someone willing to sell it to me at a reasonable price.

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