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First shot at making a wad

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Doomguy95 said:

It runs in ZDoom and Skulltag, and probably GZDoom.

That would be beacuse it's in Boom format.

Very nice map. Obviously, it has that "first wad" feel all over it, but that always happens. Fun to play, although once you got the rocket launcher, it was a breeze (due to the large ammounts of rocket boxes lying around).
Some "problems". Most of them are expectable, given that this is a first wad:

1.- This texture (and all it's friends) look a little weird, given that there is blood on the adjacent bricks, but not on this one. Also, bad brick alignment.

2.- This room needs texture alignmet pronto.

3.- Not sure what you tried to do here with this texture change, but IMO, it didn't worked. I'd use only one texture. Also, texture alignment.

4.- This linedef should be set to "lower unpegged". The door that led to this corridor suffered form the same problem.

5.- This linedef was apparently set to impassible. Invisible walls such as this are a no-no IMO, you could put a fence there, or if your plan is to lure the player there so the trap is triggered (as it seemed to be the case), you could lower the ceiling a little ahead of the player, creating a "collapsing" cave of sorts.

6.- What the hell happened here? Unclosed sectors, that's what happened. I've never worked with SLADE, but looking at your map with Doom Builder, i found that your map has quite a bit of unclosed sectors and single sided linedefs with a back texture. You need to fix those errors.

7.- I know that this happens because of the engine limitations, but there are ways to simulate a cave side in better ways. Very 1994. Same as here.

8.- A switch that changes light levels is good and all, but the lights on the ceiling that previously casted light now cast shadows. You need to fix that as well.

So, that's all i have to say about your map. A good first wad, I hated the number of revenants, but that's just because i strongly dislike that monster, and kudos for meeting the quasi mandatory cyberdemon/spider mastermind on a first wad.

Keep it up, mate!

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This linedef should be set to "lower unpegged". The door that led to this corridor suffered form the same problem.

Oh, that's how how you keep it from moving.

1.I knew I shouldn't have put that texture in the first place.

2.i changed the texture to ROCKRED2

3. Whoops, forgot to change that texture. It's fixed.

4.Apparently, those two doors weren't the only ones. It's fixed.

5.I put a fence there, but from afar it looks like it's farther than it is.

6.I thought I fixed that. It's fixed as well.

7. the whole sides have been redone now.

8. Actually, the linedef in front of it is what triggers the light.
the switch opens a way to a key. I fixed the light.

I also changed the start point to the room above the original.


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I'm back with more:

0.- Even though this map has boom format, it doesn't work in boom (specifically prboom plus 2.5). For example, the lift given by the sector 20 doesn't do anything, since you didn't gave it a tag. The switch given by linedef 1718 doesn't work either, but for the life of me i don't know why. I don't know if you would like to fix those things or not, since the map works in zdoom and friends (but then, why not map in zdoom format? If you choose to do that, keep in mind that while zdoom is an extremely powerful and versatile port, it's ten times easier to do a shitty wad in zdoom than in doom/boom, given that good use of slopes/bestiary monsters/acs is not easy). I think that you didn't experimented enough before making this map. Also, the music for your map does not play in prboom plus 2.5.

1.- These windows were set to "impassible", which stops the dead souls but not the bullets, so they're basically sitting ducks. Maybe you could "bullet-proof" those windows, here is a very good and simple method.

2.- It seems weird that the player must go through a window at the start of the level, doesn't it?

3.- This door seems to go into the sky itself! That's not good!

4.- You may want to re-design this fight, since it was really easy to dodge those meanies (Or maybe it was the idea?).

So, those were some new problems. Here are some solutions!

1.- I've noticed that there were some walls that were 0-height sectors in reality. This could be useful if you plan to interact with said wall (raise it, for example), but if that's not the case, you can simply delete that sector.
The walls in the screenshot (sectors 134 and 220), looked like this in doom builder's 3d mode.
Now, if i were to delete sectors 134 and 220, and re-texture the resulting single-sided linedefs, it would look like this on doom builder's 3d mode. Can you spot the difference? no? neither can the player! and, you've reduced your sector count by 2 and raised the elegance of your map.

2.- The door problem (problem #3) can be easily fixed by creating a sector in front of the door, like this screenshot shows.

I've taken the liberty to implement some of those changes. Here. I'm not implying that you should upload this version of your map, i've simply done it so you can see what i've did.

Good luck, mate.

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