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Port Music Question

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Since I'm using new equipment... and, uh, I haven't done new Doom music since like... the Apollo program...

I have some compatibility questions.

My new map is meant for vanilla doom.
My new map recommends limit removing ports.

I've tested in:

PRBoom +
Doomsday (Dengine)

Sigh. It is really hard for me to export new music that I'm doing in my studio to the general midi format (MUS).

I'm thinking I'm going to opt for a separate music PWAD; recommending that people NOT use the extra PWAD if they're using Chocolate Doom, Doom 95, or Dos doom.

MP3 or OGG? I have no preference, myself...

Do I just insert a lump d_runnin (for example) and it will work in ports that are cool with that, and ignored by ports that aren't cool with that?

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Is your new music in MIDI format? If it's a MIDI type 1 it'll work in vanilla as long as it isn't too big (the MIDI equivalent of a MUS file of 64 KB or less.)

An MP3 named like a regular music lump may cause issues in some engines. Vanilla and Boom, I think, will try to read it as a MUS lump and choke. What you could do is include DEHACKED lump, give the music lump a new name, and specify it in the DEHACKED lump. Most ports will read that data in DeHackEd. A few (ZDaemon, at least) might not. In that case you could also add a simple MAPINFO lump to specify the music. Practically all ports would now understand the music is named differently while vanilla and whatever would just play original track (or a MIDI version of the MP3.)

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Tolwyn said:

MP3 or OGG? I have no preference, myself...

OGG please. SDL-based ports have very poor MP3 support due to SDL_mixer using a crappy bespoke library called smpeg to play them. This library is more likely to output a segmentation violation than it is to play any sound -_-

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