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Walter confetti

the failed doom advent calendar map

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Map 01 ...

1. Line 2025 needs the impassible flag.

2. "Snowing" only at certain areas at the start looks a bit weird.

3. Line 575 needs an X alignment of 34.

4. Line 577 needs an X alignment of -41

Map 02 ...

1. Sector 324 needs FLAT19 as the floor.

2. Lines 151, 71 and 73 should also be flagged impassible.

3. Sector 0 changing from flat nfice01 to fwater1 after crossing line 66 looked a bit weird too.

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Looks good. I like your use of the zombiemen and the spider mastermind: the former tend to be throwaway enemies, and the latter was interesting since the player had no weapon above an SSG or chaingun. I might suggest you take away a lot of the health--for instance, the area with the mancubi, knights, and imps had waaaaaay to many medikits considering how easy to kill they all were--and probably some of the ammo as well. Also, I don't know if the player is intended to kill the cyberdemon or not, since it isn't blocking anything important and there's an invulnerability orb next to it, but as it stands fighting the cyberdemon isn't that interesting, since it doesn't really go anywhere and killing it with the SSG is tedious. Other than that, some pretty solid gameplay here, and suffers only from health overload.

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I liked map04 but to short and easy to hide for incoming enemies due that the windows are to high up so not many shoot can't get in into the 'train'

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