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Doom3 Multiplayer

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If this question has been answered in the past, then I'm sorry. (And if it was posted before, please just tell me the answer and don't tell me to go find it...because I tried, and got things from 5 years ago :P).

The question is regarding Doom 3 and if anyone still plays the game online. I recently got the urge to get Doom 3, (Doom 1, 2 and final get stale online, even with wads after a year or...three) and wanted to know if there was still a decent amount of players on D3 to play with.

If not...then single player is always solid with 5,000+ hours in wads and maps, and who can forget multiplayer :)

(Didn't care much for online in the 90's, but now...can't get enough of it)

thank you in advance

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I know this thread is old, and that the TOpic Starter probably isn't around no-more, but for anyone who wants to know anyways, like new players looking for the same ansewr:

On the unpatched version: No, or hardly. Every once in a long while you'll find a server on an unpatched version of the game, but not very often.

Patch 1.3.1: Yes actually. There a lot who play Doom 3 MP still, but like I said, pretty much with the patch installed only. Hope that clears things up for anyone.

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