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MUS/MID to XM conversion?

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Hey again.

Hoping someone here may know of a way to convert MIDI to a XM format.

Could anyone recommend a program, and/or a DLS/soundfont for this?

I need to convert the original Doom's music, and a couple TC's, midi files to a xm format for a couple different portable platform ports.

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Nevermind. It seems like whenever I decide to break down, and ask for help on something, I figure it out shortly after.

For those interested I tried two methods.

1.) MID2XM

Method #1 took quite a while as you need to configure all 127 instruments manually to their respective spots. Either using a PAT set of samples, or by saving the instruments in a DLS/SF2 set as individual PAT/XI instruments, then configuring them.

The results weren't great as the sets I used didn't work well with the original DOOMs. I'd imagine it would require manually identifying the problem instruments, and replacing them individually.

2.) BeRo Tracker Classic

Method #2 was a bit easier. Simply load up the midi tracks, one at a time, and change the format to IT, S3M, XM, or mod before saving as.

Results were of decent quality.

My end conclusion:
Use method one if you'd like converting the original mus/midi files, with the quality being limited to the instruments used. Use method two for ease of use, and if method one is too confusing, or time consuming.

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