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huge bfg blast lame simple idea

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    |ooo|          |
    |ooo|       ---
    |ooo|      |
    |ooo|   ---
    |ooo|  |
    |   ---

                          <- x
x is doomguy, facing north, constantly shooting bfgs while strafing left. The jagged wall is spaced so that each bfg projectile hits the next 'stair' (since bfgs are shot sequentially, the stairs should be distanced so that they will all hit their own stair at exactly the same time until doomguy faces into the o's, like a bunch of cyber demons or whatever, and KA BLAMO).

Maybe like a hundred bfgs could be chained in that way, lol.

I once tried 'havesting' lots of reverent fireballs and leading the superfireball into a line of about 10 dormant cybers and it killed the shit out of the whole line, sometimes blasting a cyber really far away.

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Cool ideas heh. More feckyoo maps!
I had a similar idea where you would start way far away from a bunch of cybers, start shooting bfg, after you shoot one, go in a teleporter and it sends you ahead of the first bfg ball so that the second ball will line up with the first ball, repeat, etc., but your idea is better. I think it takes like 35 seconds for a bfg/plasma ball to travel 32000 units - I wonder how many balls you can shoot per second (I guess like 1?).

edit: lol smell revealed

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I like that teleport (instant teleport) idea better, but not really sure how either would work. It might be a few months until I get on my old pc and be able to use doombuilder again though.

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