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Custom Wad - Rangex's Entryway

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This is my second level - contains, among others, cyberdemons watching a movie, a ruined castle on a peninsula and a karst cave. Should be entertaining in a fairly innovative way, although it has a few challenging moments. Enemy infighting should be utilized as often as possible. As always, any comments/feedback most appreciated.

Download link:

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The cheats come out pretty quick on this map that's if you don't exit waiting for the lift to come down. But hey if you put in your best effort your maps are only going to get better. There's a lot of people out there that have made a lot worse. Here's what I see looking at the maps in Doom Builder, you do indeed have some crafty talent but everything is spread out with just some arbitrary connecting hallways. You need to use that craftiness and consolidate the areas of your level closer together with more connecting hallways etc. I think you can do what you were trying to do with this level a lot better a good consideration would be building a more traditional style map next so you don't get lost trying to do something your not ready for.

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