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There was a Doom 2 1.666 Dehacked/Deep97 mod

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There was a Doom 2 mod created with Dehacked and Deep97 [I think], which was released with a custom (probably dehacked) Doom 2 1.666 executable, and a PWAD replacing some (not all) of the maps. No new graphics or sounds

It had these features:

- the super shotgun became automatic (and thus uberpowered)
- the chaingun, twice as fast
- the rocket launcher became the firespell, using fist graphics and partially invisible pickable ammo. The rockets looked like imp fireballs
- the BFG only wasted 20 cells and acted faster
- former humans, former human sergeants and imps were replaced graphically wise with coloured marines.
- spectres were visible but would morph into SS nazis
- pain elementals looked like imps and wouldn't fly (but still create lost souls)
- hell knights: partially invisible and spawning 3 souls on death (shared death with PE)
- arch viles: twice as healthy, flying, and able to teleport (!). Also making supreme boss (romero head) sounds.

How did the author achieve monster teleportation, in vanilla Doom 2? -- though it was 1.666. I looked in Dehacked and it was merely the fact that the archvile walking frames went into the "demon spawn fire" set, which contain the Fire codepointer. Was it that Fire used to teleport their owner haphazardly in versions before 1.9? Too bad it sometimes crashed the game, otherwise it was neat.

The maps I can remember:
- MAP01 was like Entryway, but now Gateway, hugely overhauled with new tunnels, not a bad map
- MAP02 did a similar thing, to E1M1 hangar.
- MAP16 was a building experimenting with teleportation and multi-story illusions
- MAP20 was a cathedral map, with some interesting theme
- MAP28 was all shaped like a pentagram, and interesting level progression
- MAP29 was like a demi-finale, you fought many monsters until you fell into the pit to hell
- MAP30 "redemption" started you in hell but you took the stairway to heaven (which was a peaceful SHAWN/SILVER version of a more hellish identically layout area populated by monsters) where the game ended, and someone on the throne spoke to you.
- MAP32 was a "stupid map" as the author called it.

Does the mod still exist over the Internet?

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