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Pretty much all ports still being maintaine like (G)ZDoom, PrBoom(-Plus), Eternity, Chocolate Doom...

Most are even smart enough with the -deh that you can leave off the .deh just like -file and leaving off the .wad with the exception of Chocolate Doom since it's goal is to stay as Vanilla as possible and still requires the .wad and the .deh for some consistency.

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Yeah, you just add -deh followed by the DEH file name (the extension is usually unnecessary.) Many ports also let you add DeHackEd patches and WADs without using the commands, as they know what to do from the file extensions.

Typing zdoom av.wad av.deh should run Alien Vendetta wiith its DeHackEd patch, for example. Because of this ability to detect file types by the extension, various ports allow you to run these files by dragging and dropping.

It's something Boom started and most source ports assimilated. MBF (essentially an unofficial "Boom 2.03" by the leading Boom coder) added the DEHACKED lump feature to read the data from WADs, and most ports likewise took the idea.

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