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Invulnerable projectile?

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No. Unless you make it a non-projectile. What you want to disable is a fundamental property of projectiles and you'd even have problems doing it with more advanced definition methods.

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From the other thread:
'Is it possible to move a thing (O) to a teleport destination with a TID (X), but instead of teleporting the thing, it would move towards the destination at a specified speed and then stop when it reaches the destination?'

I don't have acs or zdoom installed on this comp, but a guess would be to treat it like animation (instant teleport it tiny little increments every frame in a while loop to create the illusion of fluid movement).

I made some cacos patrol around in a triangle once, but forget how. I think it was with setgoal:
When I did it, they occasionally attacked me though. Maybe make a dummy lost soul outside the map and make the cacos thing_hate that so they don't get distracted and attack other stuff in the map.
maybe thingstop when it arrives at the destination:

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TimeOfDeath said:

Darn, I need to keep the "projectile" flag checked for what I was trying to do.

Projectile isn't a flag, it's a property that gives many different flags.

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I mean the "projectile" flag in whacked. I tried Thing_SetGoal earlier and made the monster friendly, but it walked kinda randomly towards the goal instead of in a straight line (is that how your cacos moved too?). Cool animation idea. The room is kinda long though, so it would take a lot of destinations/tagging and I'm lazy. I had an idea while I was in bed last night to just use a script that spawns a thing (decoration or dormant monster), then delays, then spawns another thing like 128 units ahead of it, so you have to jump on the first thing, then jump on the second thing (the things are standing on an instant death floor), when the third thing is spawned, the first thing is removed so that you have to be quick while jumping from one thing to the next, etc., until you reach the other side.

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Yeah it was kinda random now that I think about it. Maybe its less so if the path is perfectly horizontal or verticle, not sure.

This would probably work:

Just thrust it tiny amounts repeatedly every frame with a loop, maybe using thing_stop if necessary. You don't have to put in a bunch of spawn spots this way.

This might move a thing north slowly, not sure if syntax is correct since I havn't used acs in awhile.

while (1){
ThrustThing(64, 1, 0, (TID OF THING));

A caco platform could maybe raise/lower too with thrustthingz.

actually maybe you could fix doom's 'doomguy doesn't move WITH the monster platform' behavior by doing some sort of:

if(doomguy is standing on the monster){
thrust doomguy as well as the monster

inside that while loop.

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Yes! Thanks, I'll do that. There are 3 "moving platforms" in that room, so I'll use your thrust_thing idea and the thing_spawn/remove/jumping from thing to thing idea as well.

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