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Sound script

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What I plan to do is have a stationary minigun, with a reload switch. Now I know how the script would work, except for the sound.

Let's say I had the sound GATLGUN in my wad.

script 1 (void)
? (?,?);
GiveInventory("Clip", 200);

What would I use in ? for a sound script that activated GATLGUN?

Unrelated: I love when The Rock's face pops up when I ask these. Makes me feel like I'm giving a friendly, yet serious query.

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You should try one of these I guess:

* ActivatorSound
* AmbientSound
* LocalAmbientSound
* LocalSetMusic
* SectorSound
* SetMusic
* SoundSequence
* SoundSequenceOnActor (New from 2.4.0)
* SoundSequenceOnSector (New from 2.4.0)
* SoundSequenceOnPolyobj (New from 2.4.0)
* ThingSound

For more info, get to this link:
Zdoom wiki sounds
Hope this helps ;)

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Well, the first one sounds like what I need, but I've been trying to get it to work and I can't.

script 4 (void) {

How would I make it play, let's say, DSSLOP, cause I tried I write...


But that didn't work.

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