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prboom/zdoom flash with adobe alchemy?

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Is there someone who attempted this already?
would be great.
what do you think of it?

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There's already a port of vanilla Doom in Flash/Alchemy. That's the closest you'll get to a "browser Doom" for now, but performance is meh. Going heavier should be possible, if Alchemy can "swallow" the source ports' code as well.

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I think personnaly doom in flash could really
popularize the engine, so new mappers could come,
and new players can enjoy the thing.
would be good to port it to flash with some freedoom
injector, to respect legallity of this.

Imagine mappers posting their new maps in a doom applet.

I'll may post this in the freedoom forum...

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Maes said:


As I said such a thing exists since 2008, but it made no such impact.

I thought it was awesome back when Mike did this on Newgrounds even through there was some slowdown and sound issues at first(those have been fix as of May of 09). Besides sometimes when I'm at my father's house I can't help playing Doom shareware(along with Heretic shareware and Hexen demo)when I don't have my computer around :P

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