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Warcraft II Anomalies/tricks

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Warcraft II is one of the greatest games ever. I recently started playing it again after a several years hyatus. I had an odd occurrence in the game. I was playing as the Orcs and had put an undead dude in a transport which had been risen from a dead corpse by a deathknight. I then forgot I had put the dude in there and later came back to the transport and the undead dude was gone. Instead there was a gryphon rider in the transport! I was like... uhhh.... I stupidly let the gryphon out of the transport and it started to attack me. lol. Strange game easter egg. I'm thinking maybe the undead dude died, and when it died, instead of just disappearing, the game made him turn into a gryphon rider.

I also learned from a *still active* warcraft II site that mages/deatknights can't be harmed by their respective blizzards/death and decay! Pretty useful to know.


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Hellbent said:

Transporter glitch

Good find, although it probably has a -plausible- explanation: resurrected undead have a timer that makes them expire after a set time (5 minutes I recall?). The game uses a finite number of data slots for its units, which are normally not reused as units die (in fact, there's a limit after which the computer at least will not create any further units, and you can win even the hardest of battles if you can hold on long enough).

I don't know if resurrected/volatile units with an expiry timer are treated any differently in this respect, but from my experience with the codebase of a similar game (Warlords Battlecry), the data slots of "ephemeral" objects such as projectyles were reclaimed, else the game would grind to a halt pretty soon. So it's possible that skeletons/eyes of killrog and possibly other things are actually reclaimable (while normal units are not reclaimed because it's possible to resurrect them as skeletons or something, and the coders were too lazy to wipe them afterwards?)

In any case, by putting the ephemeral unit in a transport you got a "lock" on its data slot, which was probably reclaimed and assigned to an existing enemy unit, which you accidentally teleported upon release ;-)

I wonder if you could expoit this trick to do fucked up shit like hiding ships inside a transport, if you time their creation with a skeleton's death ;-)

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Weird how it only gives priority to the enemy's units e.g. it never automagically replaces the "dead" skellies with one of your own newly spawned or produced units. But I guess it's how they implemented the data slot reuse system.

But seriously, what's with 2D RTS games and weird dataitem systems....Warlords Battlecry only "recycled" really temporary stuff like projectiles or scouting eyes, but would otherwise never remove dead units (OK, in that game resurrection or raising skeletons was possible well beyond Warcraft II's time boundaries) and would sooner or later encounter a "unit lock".

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