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Bastet Furry

Showcase of 95-97ish map for Doom 1

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Made a little map last night i wanted to showcase to gather opinions.
Its more or less done, i need to implement difficulties, now its UV only.

It should work with vanilia doom.exe, i tested it with chocolate.
The map is located on E2M1.

Grab it here and give me a line:

Some Screenies, made with Choc ;) :



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if you can upload it some where else I'll give some feedback as rapidshare is not letting me download it atm

I'd recommend http://www.sendspace.com/ as it lets you upload 300mb files for free and has no waiting time to download stuff if you have a free account or no account.

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I play through it and I really liked it.
The layout was very good. It allows you to play the map many ways (until you get the blue key)
The game play was challenging but still fun.
The only gripe I have on the map is the trap after you get the red key is placed really bad making it useless.
and you should make the lindefs where the monster teleport in hidden to the automap.

and I did a fda demo on uv using chocolate doom

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