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[Solved] Trying to locate a level I remember.

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Hi Doomworld,

I'm hoping someone can help me find a level I remember from way back in... say, pre-2004. I must have had it around 2002/2003 though it could have been made whenever. Unfortunately I don't remember much about it or the wad. I think it was a rather high profile wad and I watched someone's demo of it. I used to think it was map03 from Requiem however I find that it is not. I thought I might be confusing it with map06 from tvr! yet I was not.

If you haven't guessed by now the level was underground/sewer with dark metal textures and had lots of green sludge down wide halls only the sludge was a little deep and caused hom issues when played in an OpenGL port. I would guess that was a Vanilla trick and not Boom deep water.

I think there were unseen steps in some places to take you deeper but never under, like av map10 at the plasma/demon trap only it looked flat in software and hom in hardware rendering... I think the main monsters were Mancubus and/or Arachnotron.

I think there was an area much like tvr! map06 if you go through the bars at the start you enter a long hall that bends to the right where there is a circler sludge area only the level I remember was all enclosed here and I don't think there was a pillar of sludge in the circle area though perhaps a Mancubus and/or Arachnotron rising from the middle.

I have idclev'ed and idclip'ed though the likes of requiem, mm 1/2, hr (it isn't map27), av, cchest 1/2, tvr!, darken 1/2 etc without finding it, maybe I missed it, maybe it's a smaller wad or a single map I don't know and I am tired of this bugging me.

Again, it seems like it was a high profile and tough wad (like hr) since I was a bit intimidated by it and I told myself that I would return to play it one day when I was more capable.

So, can anyone help me finish an old fight?


-EDIT & Solved-

I found it! Perdition’s Gate map08.

I was reading over the Is D!ZONE worth buying? topic and started watching some PG demos from the Doomed SDA. Map08 was the 3rd demo I watched and sure enough, after rechecking with an older version of GlBoom it did have the hom see through bits and general layout parts I remember.

So, thank you to anyone who read and gave it a thought. I knew I'd find it if I only ask ;)

Anyway, please let me know of any levels you might have thought of as I still would’t mind more levels like I described.


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