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Will elevators through linked portals be possible?

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Is it or is it going to be possible to create moving floors (ceilings) that cross linked portals? I asked something like this here and it got a positive response. Too bad I also included a hacky solution in the question - one which can't be made without scripting and tight synchronization.

Is there a technique to create through-portal lifts?

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esselfortium said:

Err, this is already possible. It's the primary reason why attached surfaces were put in EE a year or two ago.

Yeah, I found this (e_exdata.c):

{ 379, "Attach_SetCeilingControl" },
   { 380, "Attach_SetFloorControl" },
   { 381, "Attach_FloorToControl" },
   { 382, "Attach_CeilingToControl" },
   { 383, "Attach_MirrorFloorToControl" },
   { 384, "Attach_MirrorCeilingToControl" },
as linedef specials. Now to find out whether they're parameterized or not, and to test their effects.

EDIT: also this looks new:
   // Apply tagged portals to frontsector
   { 385, "Apply_PortalToFrontsector" },
Sure, description of these specials from the masters would be more useful and less time wasting than trial and error all by myself ;)

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Mordeth said:

Reason why people are asking is because this... is.... not... documented...

Seriously. Even SMMU had SMMUEDIT.WAD.

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Ok, first of all, the feature is PLANNED and preliminary code is in place to facilitate this. The reason you all don't have docs and example wads is because the mobj clipping code still doesn't work 100% with portals. Although really, I suppose there is no reason to avoid documenting this even though it isn't currently 100%.

(I am working on WIKI articles btw)

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I hacked together an elevator like this a long time ago. You just need to use "attach" specials on your two elevator sectors (one sector above the portal, one sector below), give them the same tag, and coordinate them so that they move to and from the same exact height values. (This includes forcing the "bottom" lift sector's floor to go to a height higher than that sector's ceiling - a little hacky, but it works.) The problem with this approach right now though is the jerky ride caused by the half-implemented portal clipping. However, if you make an elevator like this using 3dmidtex lines instead of solid floors, the jerkiness disappears, and I have no idea why.

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