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freedoom on flash platform?

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I ve seen doom was ported to flash with alchemy,
because freedoom is entierely free,
couldn't it be a good idea to port it to flash with a wad injector?
so any mapper could show his work using the free iwad?

what do you think of it?
Could give freedoom a popularity.

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I decided to take a look at "freeciv" developed under html5
It was impressive!
yes, anyway by flash I meant something wich could be cross platform, to
play your doom where you want,

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xerent said:

Flash is nearing the end of it's popularity, HTML 5 is the thing.

Yeah, and Linux on desktop computers will have its breakthrough this year!

Anyway, since there are even NES and Game Boy emulators for HTML5, why shouldn't Doom be possible? How fast it'd run is another question...

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