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Palette Indices

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Okay so I've done some searches and cannot find what I'm looking for.

So I guess I'll tell you what I'm looking for.

Before that, I will preface with this: I'm not a good sprite artist. But, I do want to make some custom monsters using decorate. SO, I'm of course looking to dome some quick color translations so that all the nice players can tell them apart. The problem is that I'm modding Heretic and I can't find a convenient image of the palette with labeled indices! I found the Doom one on one of the wiki's but I searched and searched and could not find Heretic.

So finally my question to you: Is there such a thing somewhere online? Perhaps zdoom forums? I didn't search there as much.

If not, is there a program I can use to, say, export a palette image and then figure out the index numbers myself? I'm not sure how to do this, I do have XWE but I thought you could only view the raw data.

Thanks everyone.

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