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tracking monsters

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Are you mapping in vanilla format? If so, block monster lines are the only non-physical way to direct them. This can be problematic though. For example, if you have a room that you cut diagonally with a block monster, the monster will go along the line as long as you are basically in that direction. However, if you run into the room and cross the line, the monsters will still be blocked and it might become really obvious to the player (it looks pretty stupid and often gives player advantage).

A better way in vanilla is probably to either construct your map with their path"finding" in mind, or use teleporters to just stick 'em close to the player. The problem you are encountering is because monsters try to take the quickest path - straight through any obstacles. You have to plan it out so that they can stupidly able toward the player with very little obstruction. They will walk perpendicular to the player for a little bit so they can get around walls, but they almost never backtrack (so getting around a U shape is unlikely)

Conversely, if you use Zdoom (or is it just boom? I don't know), you can set up patrol paths for the monsters. This will make the monster travel a path that you set up with invisible things on the map until they spot you and start fighting. You can find the tutorial here.

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