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Good Spidey battles

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Yaknow it's pretty tough to design a challenging battle against the spider mastermind. if you have a BFG all you have to do is run up and let loose one shot and it's over. if not, you can abuse corners so easily it really makes the mastermind pretty impotent. anyone know of any WADs out there that make the battle with the spidey interesting and/or challenging?



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I love spider masterminds. I know several people who hate them because they seem like a corny boss monster. I like to think of them as a typical high tier monster, not a boss monster. Of course the obvious gripe with them is that they consume way too much space. Yeah they're easy. Especially if you have any cell-powered weapons. And if you have a super shotgun, all you need is a crate or a pillar to hide behind. But I think the best Spider Mastermind fights require you to use a chaingun or a rocket launcher.

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2002ADO E4M8 (though many will disagree, it's very simple, the difficulty lies in lack of cover)

AV MAP18, many many spiders (8 if I remember well - they're used to convince you how huge the level is)

gggmork's Pockets (unavailable for download, but you can always ask the author), with a mastermind right at the start, quite original I must say.

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I agree that SMs are a cop-out. However, when used with over monsters (especially those that are hard to infight with, like Archies) they can become a real challenge. Just make sure the player doesn't have too much room to escape or hide.

Heh, that would be a great speedmapping theme. "Make a Spider Mastermind fight that's actually interesting."

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As already mentioned, the final level of Base ganymede Ep 1 has a very cool Spiderdemon encounter. Very reminiscent of the final battle with the Strider from Half Life 2 Episode 1.

(Refer Khorus' post for a link)

Also, there was a Zpack level that had two Demolishers in it. Now I know Demolishers are a custom beastie, but they do make for a great battle. A Spiderdemon with twin chainguns and a BFG sure is a lot tougher than the usual.

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The last zelda map from tom19:
(probably says which map in text file, the one with multiple center masterminds as the final boss).

Also final boss of map (5?) from claustrophobia:
but that's not a real mastermind (has different scripted behavior).

edit: oh yeah, I also had like 100 or so masterminds in pockets, heh heh (since they all just infight eachother), but that map had warping bugs plus its currently inaccessible on my other craputer.

Thanks for the link tod. Too bad that midi's bearable for like 30 seconds, heh.

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