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ZDoom assistance

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someone has probably already made a thead like this but here i go:
i want to make a wad with custom enemys and weapons. does anyone know a link to a easy to understand tutorial or anyone willing to fill me in themselves to get me started?

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Filling you in depends on what you want to do:

1. Make something original from scratch
2. Simply download ready made monsters/weapons and include them in your map.

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This actually took me a while to figure out too.

1) get a new monster/weapon/whatever (let's just go with monster) file. realm667.com is a good resource.

2) get SLumpEd (it's the one I like at least, there are other LMP editors). http://slumped.mancubus.net/

3) In SLumpED create a new WAD file.

4) Open up the new monster you downloaded (you can have multiple files open at once in SLumpEd).

5) You will see a long list to the right in the opened monster WAD. if you scroll through it you will see it contains sprites, sounds, etc that make up the monster. Highlight all of this by clicking the top entry and then shift-clicking the bottom entry. they should all turn blue. Make sure you get everything!

6) Edit/Copy. Then go back to the blank WAD you just created. Don't use the WAD containing your level! Paste. All the copied info from the monster WAD file should now be at the bottom of your new WAD. (Do this for as many things you want). Save the new WAD. (newmon.wad or whatever)

7) Check out the 'DECORATE' selection of the new monster. it's usually one of the first entries. in there you should see something like this

ACTOR ArchonOfHell : BaronOfHell 30104

the number at the end is your 'thing' number (here it's 30104). If there isn't one there, put one in yourself Note that all things in DOOM have a thing number, so make sure it hasn't been used already. Write it down, and if you are adding multiple new things write down which thing it refers to. Now save and quit.

8) Open up your level editor and load both the WAD you want to place custom monsters in. Insert a thing. Somewhere under 'type' there should be an area where you can type a number. Type in the monster number you wrote down earlier. The editor will most certainly give you some sort of unknown thing indication (if it doesn't the number is used already and you need to assign a new one), but don't worry about it.

9) Save and quit. Load up zdoom with both the level WAD and the new monster WAD loaded (ie. zdoom -file [levelwad].wad [newmon].wad)

Voila! You should now be fighting your new monster. You are completely done building your level you can combine the monster WAD and your level WAD with SLumpEd (by copy/pasting all of one into the other). Until it is done though the new things should be in a separate WAD, as if they are in the same WAD the new items will be deleted when the WAD is 'built'.

I hope that helps. It's pretty freaking easy as long as you know what you are doing.


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The wiki is a good reference.
See the list of topics? Creating this, creating that, creating these, creating those...

If you are allergic to wikis, you have a list of tutorials here:

Finally, if you're one of those guys who can learn stuff by looking at examples and seeing how they're done, don't forget that all Doom, Heretic, Hexen, Strife and Chex Quest actors are available for reference in zdoom.pk3 and on the ZDoom wiki.

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