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An actual inventory screen + MM rambling

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Is there a way to make a mouse-driven inventory screen with ACS or other scripting languages? I.E. you pause the game, inventory graphics come up, then the player has control of the mouse to click or drag and drop items around with bounding boxes. Right clicking on an item gives a description, and right clicking while holding a potion item will do something (potion on potion mixes, some potions give other items effects, potion on character makes character drink potion ...).

I could probably figure out how to do a heretic/hexen type of inventory for this, but having the inventory jenga was part of MM6-8's charms ...

Also, reading D&Dooms zdoom wiki, monsters dropped xp when they died which was counted for leveling. A decent solution, but I was thinking that having the xp in the decorates of the various monsters would work better, although some way of checking whether the player actually killed the monster would be nice (don't know if that's possible).

For weapons and spells ... well, there are a lot of them. Putting them into categories by number instead of barebones-ing down to 10ish would be nice. Not exactly a big problem to gameplay, as there weren't too many spells you just HAD to use in the same school. So can the weapons numbers go up to number 9 and 10/0? Otherwise I'd have to merge/remove schools, as there're 4 elemental, the spirit/body/mind triad, and the light and dark schools, plus melee. Ranged and wand I could do as infinite and finite items, respectively. That could also *somewhat* work for a school of magic, but I'd rather not have to resort to that ...

So another random thing, there're some monsters that have instant kill and even eradicate spells, simply leaving them in as relatively dodgeable seems ok as long as it's random chance influenced by resistance, but I can't help thinking someone will make a map that just spams them -.-

Last thing I want to put out, how high of an hp can you give the player? I know that in phocas island 2 you can raise your max hp by visiting new candles, but what is the max displayed in the status bar? 3 digit, 4 digit, even higher?

If you read all of this, thanks for your time, and yeah I'm interested in making a might and magic TC so instead of taking forever to learn how to mod the MM engine(s) I can just mod for doom.

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