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Textures where they shouldn't be...

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After looking exhaustively I couldn't find an answer to my problem so here goes.


These four pictures show a room I made in doom builder, that utilizes some (poor) custom texturing. If you notice, near the right hand wall (Pictures 3-4) there is a point where the textures bleed into each other at the floor. In picture 1, near the waterfall the same issue occurs. However, this one will only occur when looking at the waterfall from behind. For reference the water in the middle is not deep water.

This wad is using zDoom as a source port.

Any ideas?

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Looks like an unclosed sector to me.

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I see... The problem appears to be the location of the lines and when they cross other lines, weird things seem to happen.

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Crossing other lines? Sounds like you have overlapping sectors - that tends to confuse the game engine, un-crossing the lines should fix it.

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If you're using Doom Builder, press F4 to run a map analysis. It often (if not always) finds these kinds of problems for you.

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