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PRoject: Relic BETA

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You know how I was constantly talking about a project? I finished this within 2 weeks on and off. I didn't emphasize detail too much since I wanted to release beta ASAP (in other words, if you want to play a level with insane attention to detail, fuck off). Tell me what you think.


Author: Kagemaru
Levels: Map00-Map06 (Map00 is the ending map)
Requirements: ZDoom, GZDoom, or Skulltag
Difficulty settings: Yes.
Bugs: Some monsters may get stuck in walls or other monsters.
New Music: Yes
New Sound: No
Editors: XWE, MSPaint (title screen and interpic), Doom Builder 1

Map00 - FISHPOLK from Rise of the Triad
Map01 - airbase.mid
Map02 - Level 2 theme from Castlevania Bloodlines
Map03 - MID0009.mid
Map04 - "Sex Type Thing" By Stone Temple Pilots
Map05 - "Mann Gegen Mann" By Rammstein
Map06 - Lava Powerhouse theme from Sonic Spinball
Boss theme - Boss theme from Sonic Spinball
Another Boss theme - "nobody Told Me About iD" remix by Jay Reichard
Intermission theme (in the wad, just not used yet) - "Stein um Stein" by Rammstein

EDIT: Thanks for telling me about map03 looping, I fixed it!

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It'd be nice to have some screenshots to look at to start with to give us initial ideas of what your project's like.

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I only played the first three levels (for some reason level 3 starts to loop over and over again after I finished it), but I liked what I saw so far. The architecture was ok and reminded me of the orignal Doom II a lot, but in my opinion it could have been a bit more original. Walking around in techbase-styled levels can become incredibly boring after a short while. Another thing that I liked was that the levels were very short. You can run and blast your way trough it without getting stuck or lost - I love that. But sometimes the difficulty was extremely hard, even if I played on "Hurt me plenty". The main reason for this was the lack of weapons. After my shotgun had no ammy anymore in the first level, I had to use the pistol to get trough level 2 and 3. Also, the monster placement was a bit sadistic sometims. After I fought with some monsters and became seriously injured, I ran to the other side of the hallway in level 3, expecting maybe a health pack, and instead encountered a room with dozens of shotgun guys. Seconds later my poor marine layed on the floor.
The idea of using boss battles (as far is I saw it in level 3) is also nice and I am interested in seeing other monster teams. (=

I`m going to play bit further now.

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The map03 looping was an error I made in the MAPINFO lump. I just fixed it. Maybe I should have told you what happens when you bump the blue lights at the start of map03.

Also, the wad won't be entirely tech levels. I'll do outdoor levels if I could figure out slopes and portals, going to urban and hell/tech levels.

The Archie in map06 is a mockup of a Fire Elemental. The WAD will have new weapons and monsters, like a ROTT-style "Extra Pistol" replacing actor Pistol, a "Mana Vessel" that can shoot a constant stream of icebolts, an instant electrical discharge, or a massive room-clearing fireball (Replacing Plasma Rifle; all firemodes are references to plasmarifle, railgun, and BFG9000), and the legendary Unmaker. This WAD is what I wanted a team for.

I'll want someone to create a WAD with these weapons/monsters and someone to compose a few MIDIs for me. I will be Executive Producer and Lead Level Design.

If anyone's interested, PM me for info.

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