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Question about Boom-origin cheat code

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The Doom cheat codes FAQ was recently updated to include Doom Classic for iPhone/iPod touch.
Since the engine is very (Pr/Gl)Boomish, it supports most of the Boom-era cheats. One that doesn't seem to work is "tntpitch", to toggle variable pitched sound effects on or off.
I'd tried using it by itself and with guessed modifiers, but random-pitch effects remain on in the iPhone game.
And it seems that tntpitch doesn't work in various PC downloads of Pr/GlBoom, either; the pitch effects remain off.
Is it broken? (Has it ever worked?)

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It seems to be broken or disabled in PrBoom (even PrBoom v2.02, the Windows port of Boom) and PrBoom+, where it displays the message as if activated, but does nothing. In Boom and MBF, it works, but it affects only the "full volume" sounds that originate from the player's coordinates, such as player death, player pain, switch activation and boss sounds.

So, the iPhone port has random pitch sounds? From what I heard, that was an intended feature in DOOM for the PC (and present in early versions, as we know) but it broke at one point because of some bug in Paul Radek's sound code.

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I'm not sure that pitched sounds have ever worked properly in the PrBoom source base. When we adapted the mixing code from there to Eternity for the initial port to Windows, we found that the randomized pitch of a sound, which is set when it is started, was not maintained once the sound was adjusted for listener position in the main loop, and thus the effect would disappear almost immediately. I fixed it during EE's extensive sound engine rewrite, along with several other bugs from vanilla, BOOM, MBF, and PrBoom.

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Interesting. Thanks guys. :)

myk said:

So, the iPhone port has random pitch sounds?

Yeah, in the last few years there's been a bit of a pitch-shifting resurgence in commercial Doom games. In addition to the iPhone/iTouch game, it's also in Doom II for Tapwave Zodiac, all the Xbox Classic Doom/Doom II games (bundled with various Xbox "Doom 3" titles), and Doom for Xbox360/XBLA.

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