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Node building behavior

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See here. Doom Builder should either not touch the lumps the node builder works on or should intelligently know whether they need to be changed, or else you can't make mere cosmetic, thing or line-type changes without potentially altering the structural data (this will affect demos and online consistency) or wiping it out (most engines can't even deal with maps without the data).

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So it still alters the lumps even with the node builder turned off? (it never builds nodes for me when I use it for changing properties that WA can't do)

Edit: now I think of it, I have been getting "seg 0 references a nonexistant vertex, the bsp will be rebuilt" errors on various maps recently...and I have been using DB to set the "monster activates" flag on doors. And rebuilding nodes in WA fixes it.

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According to my limited experience with it, yes. It'll delete the old nodes lumps if told to not use a node builder.

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