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DB2 stuttering in 3d mode, other quirks

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I am attempting to migrate to DB2 from the original, and when I load my map in 3d mode and try to move around, it stutters - moves in jerky motions. My fps indicator stays at a solid 65, but visual mode movement is laggier than hell. This also applies to the oscillating effect on highlighted planes/items, and selection in general, a wonderful delay that unnecessarily slows down even the simplest of editing functions :D
Some sort of timer issue perhaps? Map too large? I doubt it's the latter, as the map I'm working on isn't close to any limits that I'm aware of.

Also I'm trying to find a way to disable front side indicator scaling; db1 contained a plethora of options that seem to be gone from this version. When I zoom out my map looks horribly messy due to the front side indicators overlapping.

All said, I like many of the improved features of DB2, being able to manipulate much more of the map in visual mode is a plus, and general ease of use is improved.

Oh, specs:
C2Q 9650
Radeon HD 4870
6gb ddr2

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