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Dark Rockets?

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I just built something that relied on rockets being dark in dark sectors and rockets being bright in bright sectors. Oops! It don't work that way. Rockets are always bright! So I was wondering if there was any way to make it work.

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you might have to use XWE or somthing like that, and have a modified rocket that, in the states, just get rid of the "bright".

MISL A 1 bright <--- here
MISL B 8 bright A_Explode <---- here
MISL C 6 bright <---- also here
MISL D 4 bright <---- and here

that way it would be as bright as the sector its in.

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Also if you're using Zdoom or some other ports they have rocket trails which are bright. I don't think you can change that so you should remove the trails

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