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door textures screwy

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i've been using Doom Builder for years. I've only gotten back into it fairly recently.
Anyway, i've forgotten how to properly make doors. They work, but the textures work differently. For example, i make a sector, assign the sides to 1 (door open), and align the textures via W (Visual mode). it looks fine in-game but when it closes, the texture is all weird, it's like 30-40 pixels higher/lower than what it's supposed to look like. This is more visually obvious with textures such as the marble textures of the Baron and two other monsters, and any textures with light fixtures or switches on them.

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nevermind, i figured it out.

match ceiling height with floor height. i always thought ceiling was supposed to be 0. i can't believe i didn't think to look at original doom maps

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