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General Rainbow Bacon

One more Decorate issue

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I want to use the Pyro Imp from the bestiary in my wad, and I checked to see if it has an actor number, which it does, and all my lumps are in the right order, but it still isn't showing up in the Decorate tab when I open Doombuilder. What's going on?

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Some of the Realm667 Beastiary monsters have no SpawnID number. You will have to supply those yourself.

For example the Hectebus has one:

ACTOR Hectebus 22250 
	SpawnID 253
	Health 1500
Once you add this number, they have to be unique, it will show up in DB2.

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Kappes Buur said:

Some of the Realm667 Beastiary monsters have no SpawnID number.

The spawnid is only useful for a few special actions and for stuff like Hexen's clay pots and suits of armor. It has no effect at all on whether the object is available in the editor.

In your example, only 22250 matters.

Things to know:
- You don't actually care if DB2 shows the actor or not. Sure, it's better if it does, but it's not necessary. You can just enter the number by hand. What matters is that it appears in the game, after all.
- DB2 has a few problems in its DECORATE parser. Notably, it doesn't manage well if a same file has several DECORATE lumps. (However, it works fine with #included lumps.) [ur=http://www.doombuilder.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=313]This is an issue that has been reported on the DB2 forums.[/url]

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DoomHero85 said:

I don't know why DB2 did this, but the Pyro Imp ended up in with the stock doom2 monsters, not the Decorate monsters.

It's possible to use special DB2 markup in DECORATE comments.

If you see something like this in the code:

	//$Category Monsters
then it'll put the actor in the "monsters" category. DB2 only put in the DECORATE category the actors that have no category predefined, either by a configuration file or by such a keyword in their code.

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