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Problems with soundtrack MIDIs

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I'm honestly not sure where to post this so I'm putting it here. Feel free to move if it belongs elsewhere.

I've encountered some problems with the DOOM soundtrack MIDIs they have here on Doomworld, specifically the tracks for E2M4, E2M6, E2M7, and E3M2. E2M6 is probably corrupted, because I can't play it on Windows Media Player or iTunes. Conversely, I can play the others on Windows Media Player, but when I try to import them into my iTunes library, they don't appear. Is this a problem with the files, my computer, or what?

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It's not your computer. QuickTime won't play those tracks in my browser, which might help explain your iTunes problem - assuming they're using basically the same player. Don't know what the story is with E2M6 - Windows Media Player definitely doesn't like it and IrfanView gets confused towards the end of the track while XMPlay has no problems at all.

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Interesting. I get the same problem with E2M6 on Windows Media Player. I would never have noticed that before because it's one of my least favourite players. I haven't tried the others. E2M6 has no problems in WinAmp.

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