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The Beginning

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As the topic title suggests, this is The Beginning, my very first WAD. No source port required (I think, it works in Choco Doom), as I don't want to get overwhelmed by all those fancy features just yet.


The beginning of The Beginning, hurry!

Right outside the starting room.

The other side of the room in the above screenie.

Past the door, were could it lead?

Well, the screenshots basically show what I have done so far, three rooms, two not counting the starting "closet." I plan on having the theme start from Base to Hell, which should be fun to design. C&C is greatly appreciated.

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Disregarding the first two screenshots... ;) I like the design in the third shot, it's pretty cool, and different, and I sort of get what you want to accomplish with the tekwall, but it's just not suited for an exterior wall, in my opinion. I like the blue wall surrounding the computer station in the forth shot; looks much better than a computer panel on a brick wall.

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