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Lightning Hunter

Doom Builder 2 Questions

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I've just installed Doom Builder 2 for the first time, and have been trying to get it set up just like I had Doom Builder 1. I've got most of it set up the way I want, but there seems to be some missing features that were very nice to have in Doom Builder 1. Sorry if these questions have already been covered, but I did do a forum search and couldn't find anything related.

-Is there a way to strafe up and down in 3D mode? In Doom Builder 1, I had A and Z set to move up and move down. This way, I could "fly" up and down without having to look in that direction and press the up arrow. I couldn't find these options in Doom Builder 2...

-Was the option to use the < and > keys to rotate sprites really removed? I know you can rotate sprites by going into editing mode, but it seems more tedious to me. I'd rather just be able to rotate them with a quick press of a key.

-Is there a way to turn on sprite pictures in Things mode? It would be nice to be able to see pictures of all the monsters in 2d view instead of red arrows. Otherwise, it's easy to forget what is what, and makes filtering and placement of things more difficult. I believe Wad Author displayed Things in such a way.

-Is there a way to add/delete Things in 3d mode? This would make the placement and filtering of Things even easier!


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I noticed a small annoying bug with the filters in When I exit the editor and go back in, some of my custom made filters randomly change. For example, I have a custom filter to display ammo only, on all skills. I filled the check boxes with squares, so no ammo is excluded on any skill. However, when I restarted the editor - one of the boxes randomly has a check mark on it (easy skill). Sometimes some of the boxes are unchecked, and sometimes they are turned into checks. It seems to be different filters every time, too. It's completely random.

Here are some screenshots to show what I mean. When I exited Doom Builder, the hard difficulty looked like this:

When I restarted the editor, hard difficulty looked like this:

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