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LAN doom

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i have never had to deal with networking until now. I have had the cards tested, the hub and the wires, they all are good. however i still cant get the computers to connect, even with doom's ipxsetup. here is the setup. 1st PC, win98se, 3com etherlink3 10/100 card. IPX is installed, i think but i am getting an error. 2nd PC, older AMD486 at 120Mhz, DOS6.22/win3.11, same network card. not much faith in its driver.
someone please help me get this set up running, I plan to host doom, and other old school games, on a LAN party. someone either tell me step by step how to do this or give me an easy to use walkthru.

also on the win98se computer here is the error i was speaking of. on boot i get this message "vvinesd.386 not found" i think it is with the IPX protocal i installed. the funny thing is that i just reformated and install windows, windows was doing this before. also it is the basic IPX driver/protocal that u install from the win98 disk

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Whatever you do with your LAN drivers, I think it's best to do it from pure DOS.

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