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Do Hexen demos exist?

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Have Hexen PWAD demos been made? I know that it isn't very worth for the main WAD, but PWADs are often one-level.

I can't for the life of me finish a demo for something like URBAN.WAD. No matter if I play with DOSBox or not, it randomly locks up or crashes or quits with a random error (like something from W_WAD.C if I remember correctly but not necessarily this). Is it a known Hexen problem? It doesn't crash if I don't record the demo and just play.

I'd really like to see a finished version of URBAN.WAD where all those heresiarchs are killed in a graceful manner, especially by a fighter or cleric (whose third weapons suck in comparison to mage's). Also some enlightenment on the ensuing chain reaction that causes all the heresiarchs to die after one of them does. Sure they can't all be just one-shot by those spellcubes, can they... :P

It even has an elevator...

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I was searching around for HeXen demos, but most of them are for ZDoom (for example here). Then I found this webpage. There is a file named HEXENMOK.ZIP, that includes a demo, which was recorded with the vanilla exe (HeXen 1.0). This suggests that recording demos of HeXen PWADs is indeed possible.

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Are there any hexen demos? I want to see optimal route for claster2. Skill 1 and (g)zdoom are preferable.

I can finish claster1 for ~5:40

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