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Seeker missile dilemma

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so I have a weapon that shoots homing missiles. Here are the problems I've run into:

(1) If I use A_SeekerMissile, it only works if I'm pointed directly at the target. Which defeats the purpose of it being a seeker in the first place.

(2) I've tried using inheritance from the Bloodscourge, which has a kind of seeker missile that works a lot better than A_SeekerMissile. The problem here is that there is some really strange behavior when it locks onto a target. It seems to gib/kill everything it gets close to, making it extremely overpowered and looks really weird. Not the behavior I want.

(3) I've tried making the weapon spawn an invisible friendly monster that targets a bad dude and launches a seeker missile. This is the closest I've come, but what inevitably ends up happening is the monster will target something behind the player and you'll end up with a faceful of rocket. Also doesn't seem to work at all when targets are too far away.

has anyone succeeded in making a seeker missile that actually works like a seeker missile?

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Awesome. That works a lot better than that hack I made. Now the problem is that I'm looking at my DECORATE code, most of which is now 2 years old and uses a lot of deprecated features. Ughh, keeping this all current is gunna be a bitch.

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