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SpeedMIDIing Session #2: What happened?

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OK, in light of this thread, I'm now hosting another speedMIDIing session which will be commencing in exactly one hour as of this post. For those who didn't check out that thread, you have 24 hours to compose one or more MIDIs in the specified theme, which will be revealed when the session commences.

The last session was moderately successful, with a total of five entries being submitted. Let's see if we can get a few extra entries this time! ;) (With the session being held over a period of 24 hours, it should hopefully allow more people to participate.)

The starting and ending times in each time zone are as follows:

American Central Standard Time: Sun 7:05PM -> Mon 7:05PM
Greenwich Mean Time: Mon 1:05AM -> Tue 1:05AM
Australian Western Standard Time: Tue 9:05AM -> Wed 9:05AM

(I'm pretty sure I've got these right. Please bug me if they aren't.)


  1. You may create more than one MIDI during this session.
  2. The MIDI must be made in the style which will be given in the post made by me as soon as the session commences. Have your midi editors open and ready for when that time comes!
  3. MIDIs must be submitted before the session is up.
  4. Name your MIDI when you submit it.
  5. Try to make your MIDI longer than 1:30, just to keep things interesting. There is no definite minimum length, though.
  6. Please use SpeedyShare for uploading your submissions super-quick.
  7. Submissions that are NOT MIDI will NOT be accepted.

(All the above will eventually be hosted permanently at my phenomer.net MIDI repository.)

Get ready to go!

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This session is NOW ACTIVE!

You have 24 hours to create a piece of music suited to a boss battle. Think about a few factors here - what kind of boss? How would the song sound for that boss? Etc...

Get going! :P

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