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Doom Tower Defense [just a thought]

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I was thinking about making a Tower Defense game based in the Doom universe.

I've been playing these Tower Defense games that Kongregate's bursting to the rim with and I figured "Why not a Doom TD?"

So it'll play like Desktop TD, but you can be either UAAF or the Demons

UAAF units:
Pistolman - Cheapest unit. Fires regular shots.
Shotgunner - A little more expensive than pistolman. Fires spread shots that can fatally damage anything if it gets too close.
Super Shotgunner. More spread than the shotgunner, but is more expensive and fires at a slower rate.
Chaingunner - Basically a more expensive pistolman that fires at twice the rate.
Rocketeer - Fires rockets that cause splash damage.
Plasma gunner - Fires plasma shots at a high rate. Plasma shots travel at a significantly slower speed than bullets, but hit pretty hard.
BFG man - The most expensive unit in the game. Fires a huge room-clearing ball of plasma at a very low rate.
Engineer - Can deploy battle drones that wander around the field attacking demons. Basically a good Pain Elemental.

Demon units:
Former human - Evil pistolman
Former Sargent - Evil shotgunner
Former Lieutenant - Evil SSG man
Former Commando - Evil Chaingunner
Imp - shoots fireballs with a small amount of splash damage.
Pain Elemental - Summons lost souls, which charge at any attackers and causes damage.
Baron of Hell - A more powerful and expensive Imp.
Cyberdemon - What would a Doom game be without the Cyberdemon? Evil rocketeer.
Arachnotron - Evil plasmagunner
Spider Mastermind - Fires at 4X the rate of a pistoleer, but is very expensive.

If you're up for the challenge, go ahead. I'm not forcing anyone to make this game, nor am I stopping anyone. This is just food for thought.

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Or just make the Doomguy walk through a maze, and the objective is for the demons to kill him before he gets to the exit.

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Bucket said:

Or just make the Doomguy walk through a maze, and the objective is for the demons to kill him before he gets to the exit.

i second this motion, then it will work on all source ports.

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Ultraboy94 said:
UAAF? What happened to UAC?

Jodwin said:
Yeah, what the fuck is UAAF?

Read the DOOM bible or play Plutonia 2, you noobs :p

eargosedown said:
Original name for the UAC according to the Doom Bible.

It also mentions the UAC. Tom Hall apparently thought of two branches; corporate and military. The marines were part of the UAAF.

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I'm looking for a flash game or even just something in Game Maker/Games Factory.

Doing health for individual enemies would be pretty hard to do (or I have no clue how it's done in either engine), so I'll leave it at these types of enemy:
Normal (Imp or Normal Marine)
Fast (Pinky Demon or Berserk Marine)
Spawn (Pain Elemental or Engineer)
Aggro (Destroys Towers) (Mancubus or Rocketeer)

Boss (Cyberdemon, Spiderdemon, Elite Marine)

Ah, scratch out "Hard to do" in GF, just time-consuming. Health would be time consuming, but hey, making a game in itself is time consuming.

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