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Noob needs help with activating a switch

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Im new at doom builder and modding all together. I got very excited after seeing the tutorials on youtube so I decided im gonna build an awesome mod for doom.

Anyways Ive allready run into some problems, some Ive been able to fix others are a little puzzling.

Ive put my mod on rapidshare:

I want to use the switch that you can access when going up the elevator, but I have no idea how to do that. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Thats a usefull link Xtroose, I shall post it on DRD Team Share Space nexttime. NaturalTvventy has given me the answer I whas looking for so all is well at the moment. This seems like a very helpfull community.


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for that to work, the line has to be facing the player to use it.

since only one action can be done for a single line, you could have a switch to lower the lift, then be able to press the switch there.

but don't forget you have to get down from the lift somehow...

EDIT: just noticed you found the answer ^.^

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