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Deus Vult and Deus Vult 2 demos

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Deus Vult 2 map 31 pacifist in 0:07. Included is a pacifist for map 03 in 0:10. Seems my tactic worked for map 31 but a few attempts got the cyberdemon killing me instead of just weakening me down a lot.


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Deus Vult (DV.wad) Map 1 UV Speed in 3:07.

The squeeze between the mancubi at the start is too slow. Blasting through the horde of demons at the end was way too slow. Also, I did a linedef-skip on the exit line (which is way too easy to do on this map) and I had to run back to trigger it. Still, it's 32 seconds faster than my 2010 run. More route explanations in the .txt.


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I was recording dvii map 23 for a youtube video and managed to get a decent enough time to beat the current record. Here's the demo and appropriate text file:

dvii map23, 17:48, cl9, prboom+


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Ancalagon said:

DV2 map23 max 10:46

just awesome, impressive handling
one of the best achievement of 2015 maybe lol

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I wish DSDA would have a larger amount of speedy, hardcore, innovative NM100S runs through long crowded levels, like Ancalagon's Deus Vult MAP02 demo in 5:44.

Now, DV02 NM100S in 3:29.


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Dunno if anyone will actually reply, but...


Is there actually any point in UV-maxing Map29 of DVII? It's just a rehash of the entirety of the original, with a few more monsters and one new chainsaw-like weapon.

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