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General Rainbow Bacon

Need One last playtest

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Thanks Mad, but Mediafire loads slowly for me, and once I finally get a "Click here to start the download" link, clicking on it gives me a MediaPro advert pop-up and loops back to the beginning.

If someone could upload it to a better mirror, such as DRDteam or toofiles, it'd be much appreciated.

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Mad Butcher said:

It sends a link to your email address that is good for only one download.

According to their terms of service - the address is filed away for future reference, so by providing one you're effectively opting into their email-based advertising campaigns. That's a situation I prefer to avoid.

Your e-mail address is used only to protect our service and is not given to third parties. We may, however, inform you about similar services of our company (eg image or website hosting) via e-mail.

Thanks for the alternative download links, I've no problems with MediaFire. Will check out the wad later tonight.

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Somehow near the beginning I stepped on a teleporter near many shotgun guys and teleported to a death room. Don't know why, that was discouraging.

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